Cast your Vote to Name The Palila, our lead in A PARADISE LOST!

We invited students from all over Hawaii to submit names for BBM 251, the hero of A PARADISE LOST, as well as the meaning of their chosen name. The top five entries were selected by the Bishop Museum Staff. Please choose wisely, as this will be his name in the film and the museum!


Rainbow – He mea kanu a makemake au e kapa ma muli o ka ānuenue.


Distinct and dignified in appearance, majestic, and proud – Palila often embody these things as they sit proud among the māmane, a small, yet mighty force of our forest.


The Guardian – He took a stand as guardian of his species!


Stand Proud – Because he took a stand to save its kind from extinction.


Look for (8) ways of thinking connected to and extended from wherever you may start – Because this special palila will have the skills and knowledge to guide future generations to do things pono.

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